Our strategy and
Value proposition

Altron is coming out of a difficult period. We have embraced a shift to a smaller group focused on information communication and technology (ICT). Having almost completed our exit from the manufacturing sector, the group is ready to embark on a new phase of growth. Our growth strategy will be both organic and acquisitive.

This year we have continued to focus on re-evaluating, streamlining and centralising our business around our core operations in order to build a stable, profitable future for the group. When this process is complete, the group will pursue new avenues of growth within its consolidated base of core businesses.

The market shift to digital is providing opportunities for the Altron group. In the ICT space there are currently no clear leaders. Almost all key players are transitioning their businesses to remain relevant to their customers.

Altron is committed to being a significant ICT player in its geography. We intend to leverage our strong customer relationships and proven track record of delivering complex solutions and to reposition ourselves as a preferred digital solutions provider to business and government. Over the years we have built strategic partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the West and East and we will continue to expand these partnerships to support our ICT aspirations.

Our new mission is to provide cost-effective solutions that are locally relevant. To do so we will invest in building core capabilities in the following areas:

  • Cyber security
  • Cloud services
  • Advanced analytics
  • Managed services
  • Mobile application development

A key part of our strategy is to aggressively drive cost-efficiencies. Starting at head office, followed by a similar process within operations, we have begun to streamline our structures and will continue to do so.

Altron has always differentiated itself through local innovation and this is a space in which we will place significant focus over the next few years. We have local solutions in the e-government and data analytics spaces, and we plan to nurture these local solutions and embed them into our customers, who in turn are intent on disrupting their own industries.