Our sustainable
business model

The Altron group comprises 10 businesses within our core telecommunications and information technology operations. Only a small part of Altech Netstar deals directly with the consumer, whereas the rest of the group follows a business-to-business model. The value we create as a group is dependent on various resources and relationships, as well as being subject to shifts in our external operating environment.

Altron’s sustainable business model is built around four value drivers that drive our strategy and our performance. These drivers – and the material issues they are comprised of – are at the core of our business strategy, informing how we do business.
They are:

  • financial sustainability;
  • human capital;
  • products and services; and
  • external relationships.

We rely on a number of inputs, each relating to one or more of our value drivers, to enable us to conduct our business activities and create value for all of our stakeholders. The capitals model provides a useful framework to demonstrate if and how the sustainable business strategy utilises and grows each of the six “capitals” on which business is dependent over the long term.