On Wednesday 24th April, Radio Motsweding had an interview with our Group Executive: Marketing, Zipporah Maubane, in which the station explored the issue of gender representation at the top echelons of the private sector.

The 20-minute interview which is in Setswana and English is available via this link: Listen

The interview focuses on Zipporah’s career journey spanning over two decades into her current executive leadership position. In telling her story, she also narrates the history and positioning of the Altron brand highlighting our pioneering nature through mention of Netstar’s introduction of the stolen vehicle recovery technology into the South African market.

Zipporah expressed her faith in the current South African constitution which has permitted equal opportunity for all genders across the private and public sectors. She expresses confidence that by the time that the female leader has been chosen, her talent and skill has been recognised and that she is now required to continue her life long journey of learning. Zipporah says her main focus now is to develop her leadership skills and to be willing to get feedback to sharpen her capabilities to lead.

Her encouragement to women in the workplace is that over and above vision, mission and drive, they should:

  • be bold and brave as they will face challenges on the way to success.
  • not expect to have your hand held to reach the fulfilment of your dreams
  • not self-sabotage
  • be patient and hold on
  • work hard and be prepared for the next role in their career journey.

When she was asked about the stereotype that women cannot work together, Zipporah asserts that being a female leader enables women to give recognition to other women though promotion and not taking pride in being the only woman in the boardrooms. She urges that career success is possible and that women must work in collaboration.

Zipporah also sees the commitment from companies such as Altron in being inclusive of women as a positive development.