Altron has launched a new corporate identity following its recent reorganisation into two divisions, namely Altron TMT (Telecommunications, Multi-media and Information Technology) which houses the Altech and Bytes businesses; and Altron Power which consists of Powertech. The new high-technology identity features lines of clean blues, grey and new accents of red in the palette that will roll out nationwide beginning January 2014.The identity better reflects the groups corporate brand and more accordingly reflects its strategy following the reorganisation. It clearly signifies its growth and transformation, and celebrates its traditional culture of technology and innovation established over many years of the companys 48-year history. The identity is also inspired by Altrons fundamental shift from being an investment holding company, to an operating company.”We’ve retained the exciting visual elements that reflect our heritage, but have emphasised our objective to unify and signal growth both internally and externally. Our focus is to drive synergies within the organisation for cross-portfolio selling and to leverage the valuable equity of existing brands. We are proud to be ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving industry, and our new identity will now illustrate how far Altron has come in its history, covering nearly five decades and where we are heading in the future, said Robert Venter Chief Executive of Altron.Altron believes that a coherent brand portfolio is essential for activating an organisations business strategy, easing customer navigation and driving stakeholder understanding. The new Altron identity and structure provides clarity and focus, makes portfolio navigation simpler, and creates opportunities to leverage existing brand strength and to share equity, said Venter.The new logo, evocative of shooting arrows and symbol of  ˜A in appearance, is a vibrant new take on Altrons prior logo, which has represented the company for nearly 30 years. The arrows cross over, with one arrow representing the holding company and the other arrow representing the subsidiaries, as well as synergy and unity.This change marks a new chapter for our group and represents a fantastic opportunity to embrace our brand proposition United we grow,  which has become our way of doing things in the Altron group, said Venter.The launch of the new logo and new brand identity was developed in collaboration with InterbrandSampsonDeVilliers, the Sandton-based global brand consultancy well known for helping organisations grow through brand-driven creativity.‹