Powertech Transformers, a subsidiary of Powertech and the JSE listed Altron Group, today announced the opening of its recently completed Technology Centre, which houses its Technology Group, in Pretoria West.In 2006, Powertech Transformers split the existing engineering and technical departments. The engineering department would focus on the day-to-day production of electrical and mechanical design transformers whilst the Technology Group would focus on research and development, support and testing of transformers.In 2009, when Desta Power Matla was integrated into Powertech Transformers, the Technology Group was expanded to include both power and distribution transformers.Leon Viljoen, CEO Powertech Transformers says, We decided in 2006 that Powertech Transformers needed to focus on its own research and development. The main focus of the Technology Group at present is transformer technologies. This expertise is now housed in one area, our new Technology Centre, which improves collaboration and efficiency.Powertech Transformers manufactures power and distribution transformers for Sub Saharan Africa at its operations in Pretoria West, Cape Town and Johannesburg.The Pretoria West facility is the biggest and most sophisticated transformer manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. Powertech Transformers Pretoria manufactures 20MVA (mega volt ampere) to 800MVA transformers with a primary voltage up to 500kV (kilo volt).The Johannesburg operation manufactures 100kVA (kilo volt ampere) to 20MVA transformers with a primary voltage up to 132kV. It also produces neutral earthing resistors, compensators, and NECRT combinations, as well as 100kVA to 3150kVA dry type transformers with a primary voltage up to 36kV.The Cape Town operation manufactures 16kVA to 1000kVA transformers with a primary voltage up to 36kV and 200kVA to 2500kVA miniature substations with a primary voltage up to 36kV