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Press Release

Altron Appoints Marisa Jansen van Vuuren as Chief Marketing Officer

Johannesburg – Altron, a leading technology company, has appointed Marisa Jansen van Vuuren as its new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective from August 1, 2023.

Marisa is a seasoned professional with 18 years of experience in building purpose-driven challenger brands in the B2B tech industry. She previously served as CMO for Dimension Data, where she contributed significantly to the company’s growth objectives and established robust alignment with the Group’s parent company NTT. Marisa is an expert in brand integration projects having successfully led nine major brand integration programs, with the largest being the integration of 31 brands in 2019, to form what is now known as NTT Ltd. In addition to this, Marisa has garnered several marketing awards in her previous roles, further highlighting her exceptional skills and accomplishments.

Werner Kapp, Altron Group CEO, welcomed Jansen van Vuuren to the Altron team saying: “Marisa’s extensive experience in building global brands and executing on successful global brand integration programs will be invaluable in driving marketing efforts and elevating the Altron brand to new heights. Marisa will play a pivotal role in the leadership team we are building to accelerate the growth prospects of our core operations. I look forward to collaborating with her as we execute on our strategy of becoming the leading Platform and IT Services business.”

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