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Press Release

Altron in partnership to launch public transport cashless payment solution in Rwanda

JSE-listed technology company Altron, through its Rest of Africa operations, has partnered with Pascal Technologies to provide a seamless and integrated payment system for motorcycle public transport services in Rwanda.

In terms of the deal, Altron is supplying the infrastructure comprising of payment terminals, GPS devices and mounting units, while Pascal Technologies is supplying the software application that enables mobile money transfers and tap-and-pay payments. The terminal enables payments while the GPS device calculates distance and the fee payable by motorcycle passengers.

Altron Rest of Africa managing director Ike Dube said, “We will supply hard-wearing, cost effective devices, while Pascal Technologies will provide the software solution to facilitate mobile-money and bank card transactions, which will enable seamless payment for motorcycle transport services by commuters, thus transforming their everyday experience.”

Pascal Technologies founder and managing director Pascal Ndizeye said, “The deal will help the Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority progress towards the country’s broader national goal of having a cashless society. This is also aligned to a cabinet decision to monitor motorcycle operators for safety purposes. The business opportunity is vast. Rwanda has more than 50,000 motorcycle operators transporting commuters, with each operator clocking up to 50 trips a day.”

The initial rollout is for 10,000 units, valued at about RWF 2 billion (R31 million) and is envisaged to increase to 36000 devices valued at RWF 18 billion (R279 million).

“While we are excited about the commercial opportunity for Altron ROA, we are particularly pleased to be contributing towards Rwanda’s 2020 Vision through job creation and innovation. This is our first significant foray into the country, and we will continue to explore the extension of this solution into other territories,” added Dube.

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