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Press Release

Geospatial solution enhanced with Java adoption

GEs Digital Energy business has improved the customer experience of its Smallworld geospatial solutions by adopting Java technology from Oracle. Utilising one the worlds largest software ecosystems enables cost of ownership reductions for its customers through Javas extensive available resources, existing code libraries and simplified integration to other key enterprise systems.


Java enables the companys software to exploit the power of hardware and software platforms and natively interface with other Java-based software. This allows utility customers to better manage their network asset models and facilitates access to geospatial asset data and applications across their grid, supporting more effective planning, design, construction and maintenance of networks. By working with Oracle and using new capabilities introduced in Java 7, existing Magik language-based applications execute on the Java virtual machine, the self-optimising engine for Java.

The result is that customers existing applications work without rewriting in the Java language, preserving customer investment and ensuring ease of upgrade to Smallworld 5 while also opening the technology to use directly with enterprise Java-based applications. Contact Lafras Moolman, Powertech System Integrators, Tel 012 426-7393, lafras.moolman@ptsi.co.za

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