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Harel Mallac Bureautique makes Xerox MPS available in Mauritius

A long-term Xerox partner and leading Mauritian print solutions provider Harel Mallac Bureautique (HMB) has further enhanced its value proposition by investing in the necessary skills to achieve Xerox Managed Print Services accreditation.

The certification is provided by Bytes Document Solutions (BDS), the largest Xerox distributor globally which operates in 26 African countries.BDS regional manager Olivier Merven says the Xerox MPS accreditation process is strictly controlled to ensure that qualifying partners offer the correct skillsets, robust processes and a commitment to consistent service delivery. “It is this rigour and an onerous accreditation process which has made the Xerox MPS value proposition highly attractive. By completing the accreditation, HMB has demonstrated its ability to deliver for its clients in the Mauritian market.”Xerox MPS creates a more efficient environment; reducing printers and energy consumption, thereby lowering costs.

Through a proven methodology, the service allows partners like HMB to take responsibility for the management of all print devices, assess print needs and implement an optional combination of devices for any given business. It extends to the introduction of digital technologies to improve and automate previously paper-based processes.HMB manager Dany Blackburn notes that the company has worked with and promoted Xerox for over 45 years. “MPS was a must to gradually move our organisation from box moving’ to the delivery of higher-value solutions and services to our clientele,” he says. The rigorous certification process, he continues, has prepared HMB to respond accurately to individual needs. “Providing MPS requires comprehensive knowledge of each customer’s business in order to provide a more valuable and cost-effective solution to their specific print requirements. A full assessment has been done together with the Xerox MPS leader’s team to complete the accreditation and certify our ability to deliver.”He says demand is steadily growing as local businesses come to understand the benefits of an outsourced partner. “Mauritians are increasingly accepting the concept and advantages of MPS in their organisations as a better way of understanding and taking control of costs. In years to come, I believe the market will move substantially to outsourcing printing needs to professionals, across a range of sectors including banking, logistics and large corporates.”The certification, adds Blackburn, moves HMB up the value chain, particularly as the industry increasingly seeks solutions with reduced environmental impact.

“Our customers see us more as consultants to enhance their business by alleviating the hassle of managing their equipment, giving them time to focus on core activities.With industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester rating Xerox as the global leader in MPS, Merven says the accessibility of the service to Mauritian businesses will help drive international competitiveness. “Customers no longer want to just buy a printer and consumables, they want experts to manage their entire document infrastructure, provide pro-active services and help them transition to the digital world. With its global experience and lengthy track record, Xerox is best placed to deliver,” he concludes.A Xerox open day will be held at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Mauritius on Friday the 26th February 2016. Managed Print Services and other topics will be discussed at the event.

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