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Med-e-Mass Partners With Datos Health | Altron. There When It Matters

Med-e-Mass, part of the Altron group of companies and a leading developer of management applications for the healthcare industry, has partnered with Datos Health, developer of a pioneering Patient-Generated Health Data (PGHD) management solution, to link care plan incentives to a patients remote health progress, thereby empowering the patient to take direct responsibility for their cost of care.  This novel approach of integrating insurers within the monitoring process alongside a patient and their doctor, is anticipated to significantly improve patient engagement while delivering enhanced care at a lower cost.Datos proprietary technology helps health care organisations, care teams and patients better manage PGHD on a large scale at a fraction of current costs, eliminating the need for costly call centres. Cutting-edge data validation and automated care processes ensure that only reliable and relevant PGHD emitted by any wearable medical monitoring device is seamlessly incorporated into the clinical workflow, enhancing decision support with no additional effort. The platform also increases patient engagement and automatically optimises care plans with the use of a personalised messenger bot.  The Datos platform is currently transforming the digital capabilities of leading healthcare organisations in the U.S. and Israel. This partnership activates Datos first large-scale implementation in South Africa involving the care of patients with chronic conditions.  We are delighted to partner with Med-e-Mass. Their forward-thinking approach to involve insurers, patients and physicians under one health management platform will greatly improve the management of chronic conditions and reduce associated costs, said Uri Bettesh, CEO & Founder, Datos Health. Our partnership with Datos will enable us to provide a new approach to personalise care plans for better patient management, said Gideon Brits, Managing Director, Med-e-Mass. Using Datos automated PGHD platform, we will expand our capability to manage a complete health profile on a large scale.   ENDS

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