Revprint Tokai, the all-in-one print and design shop located in Cape Town, has continued its digital printing expansion with a new Xerox Versant 80 press from Cape Office Machines, one of Bytes Document Solutions’ longest-standing business partners in the Western Cape.The new printer gives the company best-in-class digital printing capabilities, with better-than-litho quality at lower cost and with significantly faster turnaround. This means last-minute jobs can be turned around quicklyoften on the same daywith unrivalled consistency from job to job.Founded as a professional litho print service 18 years ago by husband and wife team Raymond and Jane Fuller, Revprint Tokai, according to Raymond boasts the “best of both worlds” when it comes to printing.”Having started in the industry as litho specialists, we have so much experience and offer consistent services,” he says. “We are also the best-equipped shop in our immediate area, with everything from basic high-volume black-and-white copiers right through to large format printers for poster-size fine-art prints, and everything in-between.””The majority of our small-to-medium business clients, as well as the non-profit organisations and community centres we regularly work with, rely more and more on the variety we offer and the litho-like quality of our Xerox digital printers, which is why we standardised on Xerox a few years ago.”Through its relationship with Cape Office Machines, Revprint Tokai migrated from the Xerox 550 to the latest generation of Xerox’s industry-leading digital platform, Versant.”The Versant 80 is the ideal workhorse press for an established community-driven business like Revprint Tokai that needs the quality and consistency of Xerox’s top-end technology without the expense and complexity of Xerox’s highest-volume flagship machines,” says Stuart Daniels, director at Cape Office Machines.”It offers a far more affordable solution without compromising the quality that comes with Xerox’s cutting-edge technologies like the Versant HD engine and EA toners, and it is also incredibly versatile in the types of media it supports,” he adds. “But best of all it allows smaller printing businesses to take the next step up by giving customers even better quality and faster turnover at a lower cost than was possible with older-generation machines.”Some of the highlighted features of the Xerox Versant 80 include the standout 2400x2400dpi HD engine that delivers colour prints at 80ppm for media up to 350gsm (220gsm without the optional Performance Pack). An inline spectrophotometer and Automated Color Quality Suite combine to produce stable and accurate colour on every job.Xerox’s breakthrough compact belt fuser technology is also included, applying the uniform heat and pressure needed to bond Xerox Emulsion Aggregation dry ink to a wide range of surfaces without slowing production speed, while optimising image quality on solids, tints and halftones.”Colour consistency, in particular, is something we expect and get from all our Xerox machines. The Versant 80 takes consistency to the next level,” says Fuller. “This is essential for business stationery and flyers that must reproduce our customers’ corporate colours instantly and accurately every time.””We believe the Versant will strengthen both of our business mantras: turnaround speed and quality,” he adds. “In the past it was more acceptable to schedule business print projects over several days, but in today’s world customers walk through the door and want product in hand when they walk out an hour or so later. They also want the same quality they’ve always had, regardless of how long it took to produce before. With the Versant 80 we can now deliver, and do so at a lower cost as well.””Cape Office Machines understand how we work and know that Jane and I take a very measured, considered, and risk-averse approach to the business,” he says.”Add to that the fact that we expect to more than double the volume of work on the new Versant, and so more than double the savings or profits we can potentially earn for the business,” concludes Fuller.