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Press Release

Welcoming PBSA to the family

PBSA (formerly Pitney Bowes SA) recently entered into a partnership with Altech Card Solutions (ACS) to offer Thales HSMs to its digital signature customers using the SignFlow application.This partnership will be primarily driven via PBSAs digital software division, pbDigital.PBSA is a company with a rich history, dating back over 90 years. According to Leon van der Merwe, Head of Digital, PBSA has utilised this time to establish themselves as a leading customer communications company, offering software, equipment and services to improve operational efficiencies and connect with their customers in more meaningful ways.PBSA understands both hardware and software solutions and is optimally positioned to provide a secure, committed support infrastructure to its Southern African customer base. The companys solutions help companies engage customers, gain business insight, manage document workflow and ultimately optimise overall business performance, says Leon.Thales established track record in the payments security space and global footprint in hardware and software encryption solutions has made this partnership even more enticing.As mentioned, this project will be driven via the SignFlow application. SignFlow is an enterprise-class digital signature and document workflow application that allows its customers to workflow electronic documents and forms for sign-offs using X.509 digital signatures.These processes have seen new business opportunities emerge as paper-based systems are replaced by digital platforms. SignFlow digital signatures are powered by robust public-key infrastructure (PKI) technology, which is recognised as best practice for ensuring digital accountability. SignFlow digital signatures offer an effective, secure and legally compliant method of providing accountability during electronic transactions.Using a PKCS#11 cryptographic interface designed by SignFlow, the application utilises Thales NShield Connect HSMs (Hardware Security Modules) to perform highly specialised cryptographic operations. These HSMs also manage and secure the users private keys and personal digital certificates.Our partnership with ACS sees SignFlow extending its integration reach to include the Thales NShield range of network attached, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSMs. Apart from deploying the NShield devices in the highly-secure SignFlow Cloud, we will also be offering the NShield range to our corporate customers who would like to localise and manage their SignFlow private keys in private data centres, says Leon can der Merwe, Head of Digital at PBSA.The SignFlow HSMs are directly integrated with multiple local and global CAs (Certificate Authorities) to offer stringent, legally compliant Advanced Electronic Signatures (AES), Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) and Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL) certificates, which are applied to documents through its digital signature application.      When asked how he feels this partnership with ACS will benefit potential clients, Leon responded: This partnership will benefit customers across the spectrumincluding consumers using SignFlows SignFREE to sign documents, businesses using the SignFlow Cloud to distribute documents and government and corporate institutions using SignFlows Enterprise Hybrid Servers and Private Network Servers to digitally sign and workflow documents for sign-offs.We, at ACS are positive that this will be the start of a long and prosperous relationship with PBSA.For more information on PBSA : http://www.pbsa.co.za/

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