In today’s digital world, data is the lifeblood of any enterprise, given its power to optimise operations, improve customer experiences and disrupt business models. Altron therefore has positioned itself to assist clients to enhance the value of their data assets, gain key insights and, ultimately, to become digitally relevant.

We have an experienced team that strives to deliver meaningful Information/Data Management journeys to customers, by leveraging a business relevant approach that delivers continuous business value/impact for our clients.

New developments in data technologies are driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and digital transformation. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and analytics is enabling more personalised experiences, better business decisions and planning. Data platform modernisation, meanwhile, enables new capabilities for the business, delivering significant cost-savings.Our data solutions can assist you to manage and leverage your data in ways that will deliver the following benefits to business:

  • Cost savings – lower the costs of data management and gain insights that lead to cost reductions throughout the generation.
  • Increase revenues – accelerate new product and market development and identity trends and opportunities before your competitors do.
  • Improve Governance, Risk – with timely, accurate reporting and risk identification.

Data Management

If data is the foundation that supports your decisions and actions, then it is imperative that your data be relevant, complete, accurate, timely and consistent. To this end, effective data management is vital if you wish to minimise potential data problems and the damaging effects caused by them.

At Altron we have observed this and formulated a business led simplified and practical approach to Data Management initiatives. We will assist your business to clearly understand exactly where it stands within the current data management universe, how your data is currently gathered and captured into datasets and, most crucially, help in identifying current shortfalls that are the cause of pain points or that stand in the way of you achieving your goals. We will then develop a roadmap that you can adopt to ensure that you achieve your data management objectives.

Over the past 25 years, this has been well received by our clients as we have helped them define tailored roadmaps in ensuring these deliver on their intended business value.

We are also ensuring our clients Data Management strategies are extendable into the demands of digital transformation. In our now modern digitally connected world; data is on the move; at speed and at scale. Organisations need to seize this opportunity to “get at” this data as it were or quite simply lose competitive advantage.

We represent the world’s leading technologies providers to help deal with this challenge by providing highly scale-able, intelligent and automated Data Management technology platforms and solutions. In so doing, we ensure that the data is organised in such a way that is both intuitive and trusted for the entire digital value chain (humans, applications and machines) to access.

Our proven business led frameworks and these modern technologies help our clients to

  • Lay down governance foundations, frameworks and technologies to ensure data can be trusted and leveraged as a true asset.
  • Move and cleanse any data, any latency to any user or deployment (On premise or in cloud). Essential in a digital economy in order to deal with the exchange of exponentially rising amounts of data (supply) to ever increasing interested parties seeking to extract value from it (demand).
  • Save resources by automating a number of essential data processes.
  • Eliminate silos of Master Data in different business units.
  • Improve operational efficiency by aligning organisational and operational data.
  • Reduce the risks associated with regulatory compliance to rules like GDPR and PoPIA.

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The digitalisation of business has meant that there are more data streams than ever before, both structured and unstructured, and Data Platforms are where we host this vast array of information gathered from many internal and external sources. This includes transactional data, social media, sensors and mobile devices. Altron will help you to leverage this information to adapt your products, services and strategies to better meet your customers’ needs, as well as to optimise operations and infrastructure, and to discover new sources of revenue.

To manage costs as you try to keep up with an increasingly sophisticated landscape of capabilities, we will provide you with the tools and techniques you require to capture the value of Enterprise Analytics at scale, consolidate data platforms and silos throughout the organisation, modernise your data platform capabilities and manage hybrid and Cloud workload migrations.

Altron has invested heavily in building a world class Data Platform practice that leverages a combination of the company’s own, extensive in-house knowledge and capabilities, alongside the power of an equally impressive partner network that can be brought to bear on every customer engagement.

The data specialists in this practice are here to help you make sense of your data, by assisting you to tackle the four ‘V’s whilst avoiding the pitfalls of sprawling cost and complexity.

Volume – this is the BIG in Big Data, and it is only growing bigger all the time. Bigger usually means more expensive hence optimizing costs and matching cost with business value is key.

Velocity – the principle of how quickly data is generated and consumed. More sophisticated technologies require more sophisticated processes and decision-makers.


Altron | Solutions | Data Platform

Ensuring that your business can keep up with the pace of information is more than a technology problem to solve.

Variety – Big Data comes from many sources, including enterprise systems, social media, and smart devices. Managing variety is not a one-size-fits all solution and will probably have different solutions tomorrow. Crafting an investment strategy to capture the value without resultant technical debt is key to a successful solution architecture.

Veracity – Big Data must be truthful and accurate. Industry experience has shown that most Data Lakes become Data Swamps that add little to no value. Avoiding this outcome requites a clear strategy.

To capture the business value that a modern analytics ecosystem offers, Altron partners with customers to build, manage, maintain and evolve Big Data, Data Warehouse, Data Fabric and Data Mesh solutions.

Data Business Intelligence and Analytics

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
In order for organizations to make the most of their data assets and to survive and continue to grow in the current economic conditions, the deployment and use of analytics are becoming more critical than ever before.

It’s clear that data has the power to transform businesses and entire industries, but can it
also change the world? When you combine passion and curiosity with analytics – the
answer is yes.

In 2021, data analytics and AI will be at the forefront of organizational efforts to turn crisis into opportunity and recovery. Data and analytics technical professionals must embrace emerging trends, harness technologies and foster innovation to create enterprise-grade analytic architectures.

We have established that data is abundant, copious amounts of data is available from a range of sources ranging from daily transactions to IoT devices. We learned and now know that history is not and adequate predictor of the future, leading to data in various formats, structured and un-structured being utilized to have a view on the present and ultimately predict, create the future.

The 4th industrial revolution (4IR), portrayed by the blend of the digital, biological, and physical realms, and the deployment of new technologies such as analytics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics, the Internet of Things, and advanced wireless technologies, among others, permit enterprises to extract and present actionable insights quickly.

At Altron we are passionate, curious and experienced when it comes to driving analytics and business intelligence. Through our analytics practice we provide a range of solutions, from consultative to deployment, that yield business value that are relevant, measurable and scalable. Our capabilities range from conventional Business Intelligence and descriptive analytics to predictive and advanced analytics.

Our experienced team will assist to you to compile and drive your analytics strategy, accumulate your data and information assets, structure your data for insights and wisdom and deploy the outcome in a visual and meaningful manner. We take consideration of your current landscape and investments in our solutions and have strategic partnerships with world leading OEM’s, that provide the enablement tools for deployment.

Altron provide a combination of best of breed, and fit for purpose solutions inclusive of descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and industry and department-specific analytics solutions. With the drive in the democratisation of data our solutions can offer self- service, and guided predictive analytics, enabling the your data practitioners.

At Altron we partner with our clients, to jointly drive their analytics and business Intelligence initiatives taking consideration of their individual landscapes, challenges and requirements.

We partner with organisations across industries for their BI and Analytics needs, while our international presence and global vendor partnerships expose our customers to the best skills, technology, solutions and insights that the world has to offer.

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