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As businesses evolve and the need for remote work and access continues to grow, so person-to-person interactions have given way to transacting via digital channels. However, as digital becomes the de facto standard, the implementation of effective security processes and solutions is of paramount importance.

Digitisation has made business information vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and these are becoming more sophisticated and difficult to detect. Altron’s world-class security expertise, threat intelligence and automation delivers the ultimate level of security in today’s highly vulnerable environment, boosting efficiencies, keeping data and systems safe and assisting clients to respond to incidents faster and more successfully.

Furthermore, smart organisations are adopting disruptive technologies like AI, the cloud, big data, IoT, machine learning and robotics, in order to obtain a competitive edge and satisfy the customer demands that arise from the intersection of people and technology. Altron’s deep understanding of disruptive technologies helps to ensure a secure and successful digital transformation for your business.


Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, and as the world continues to digitally transform, an increasingly massive amount of data is being shared online by businesses, employees and consumers, across multiple devices, and from locations around the globe.

Keeping this information secure under such circumstances leaves companies from all industries faced with the same challenge: finding out where their important data is, applying policy to it and encrypting it, when required.

Altron understands Data Governance, Privacy and Security intimately, so whether your business is aiming to achieve legislative compliance or wants to build a brand of trust with your customers, we can assist with advisory, consulting and supporting services – regardless of where you currently are in your Data journey.

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Cloud & Edge

The adoption of new technologies is how organisations are staying relevant, and even leading in their respective fields. However, these changes come with a risk for cyber criminal activity. Many organisations are finding themselves in a situation where they have implemented cloud solutions and are now stumped when it comes to the security for these environments. Even more so with newly implemented remote working models.

In a world of zero trust, Altron Karabina’s Microsoft security solutions put your mind at ease with knowing that your data, applications and end users are all protected. As a trusted Microsoft security partner, we are here to help you overcome your Microsoft security challenges by identifying, prioritising and mitigating the risk of cyber attacks.

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