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reduction in recorded
vehicle accidents
reduction in claims
against Putco

Jack Sekwaila | Putco

“Netstar is more than just our tracking and technology partner. What their hardware and software technology allows us to do, it's incredible and it means we can focus more on moving people safely on a daily basis.”

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Johannesburg, South Africa

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Quick Service Restaurant

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Digital Business

About Putco

Putco is South Africa’s largest and oldest bus company, operating 1 400 vehicles in its fleet, transporting over 290 000 commuters everyday. A major accident that resulted in fatalities in November, 2013 led them to look for a preventative and sustainable fleet management solution.  

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Transporting over

290 000 commuters


The business challenge

Putco made it a priority to improve the safety of their commuters and drivers.

They also wanted to improve operational inefficiencies related to safety concerns for their commuters, the drivers and their fleet, such as optimising driver behaviour and preventing fuel theft. 

"We wanted to do everything in our power to change the situation going forward and prevent such accidents from happening again."

Jack Sekwila  |  Executive Group Operations Manager - Putco

The solution

Putco  leveraged the Netstar Fleet Management System to track their fleet, but they quickly realised they could do more related to their efforts to improve the safety of their passengers and drivers, using vehicle tracking along with cameras installed inside their busses. They were able to monitor driver behaviour that flags sudden changes in consistent driver –behaviour patterns such as, harsh braking and acceleration.  
“We soon realised that we could do more with Netstar as our business partner as they do more than just tracking; they assist us with safety,” Jack Sekwaila. 
Furthermore, detailed accident reconstruction reports help Putco proactively analyse and pre-empt possible hazards that could cause accidents.  In addition, they were able to solve real-world problems of eliminating fuel theft which resulted in an improvement to their business operations while saving costs.

No Matter your fleet needs, Netstar has got a solution

Whether you want to ensure the safety of your vehicles & drivers, secure your cargo & trailers, or improve fleet utilisation & reduce cost. Netstar has the right fleet solutions for you - no matter the size or phase of your business. 
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The benefits

Compared to four years ago, we’ve seen an almost 70% reduction in recorded vehicle accidents while claims against Putco have come down by 36%.”
Leon Coetzee – Putco Acting Manager.

The confidence commuters place in Putco has steadily improved as a result of them making safety their priority. 

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