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Press Release

Altech Alcom Matomo drives efficiencies and savings in the public and private sectors

With a proven track record of completing significant infrastructure roll-out projects timeously and effectively, Altech Alcom Matomo continues to ensure that its customers in both the private and public sectors add value through fast and efficient service delivery. One such example is the recent successful roll-out of the latest state-of-the-art video conferencing technology to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM). The initiative forms part of the municipalitys greater infrastructure modernisation process and Digital City programme. The technology was installed throughout the municipalitys regional offices, in partnership with global ICT solutions provider Huawei, and incorporates full live functionality and bridging facilities that have the ability to connect multiple video conferencing systems. The first phase of the project entailed equipping sixteen boardrooms with video conferencing technology that will benefit the citizens of Ekurhuleni by facilitating greater productivity, cost savings, increased efficiency and ultimately, faster service delivery at executive level.In addition to operational efficiencies, the video conferencing technology will also result in significant cost savings. Usually, an executive board meeting comprises costs in the form of travel for one or several delegates to meet at a central location. This results not only in lost time in the field but possible additional days lost on either side of the meeting through travel. According to Brett Nash, Managing Director of Altech Alcom Matomo, as a Huawei Value Added Partner (VAP) focused on providing, implementing and supporting Huawei products and services in South Africa, the solution will lead to the municipality effectively delivering on its mandate of managing public resources for the betterment of the citizens of Ekurhuleni. With the EMMs new video conferencing facility, meetings can be scheduled instantly, face-to-face, for a more personal experience, across various communication platforms. Besides traditional video conferencing, other platforms that can be used include devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs, thus allowing participants to remotely join the meeting from anywhere, says Nash. Altech Alcom Matomo has also recently installed video conferencing facilities for Imperial Holdings, a JSE-listed global organisation active in several major areas of mobility including consumer and industrial logistics, vehicle import, distribution, and vehicle-related financial services. With the video conferencing solutions that are available from Altech Alcom Matomo, simultaneous content sharing will allow for a more collaborative meeting-room experience for managers and executives, without having to leave the work place, concludes Nash. 

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