As part of its quest to be the leading authorised distributor of Motorola products, Altech Alcom Radio has launched a state-of-the-art training and demonstration facility at its headquarters in Woodmead, Johannesburg. The demonstration room is the first of its kind in Africa and the training centre is the only Motorola-authorised training facility on the continent. The combined facility will enable both Altech Alcom Radio channel partners and end-user customers to view and receive training on a range of Motorola products, including the latest two-way digital mobile radios, in a live, interactive and multi-functional venue.As the largest distributor of Motorola products in sub-Saharan Africa, Altech Alcom Radio has a history of being at the forefront of innovation in terms of delivering the latest offerings from Motorola to its channel partners and customers. To this end, the investment in the facility will go a long way to cementing the organisations position as the leading distributor of two-way radio solutions to the sub-Saharan market.According to Brett Nash, Managing Director of Altech Alcom Radio, the opening of the facility represents a milestone in the progression of the partnership between Motorola and Altech Alcom Radio, which spans more than 30 years.The idea to open the training centre, says Nash, stems from the growing knowledge gap in the industry with the advent of digital mobile radio technology. One of the challenges of the migration from analogue to digital has been the need for training to ensure channel partners are sufficiently equipped to understand and advise customers of their needs and queries. Against this backdrop, end-users will ultimately be the beneficiaries of having more empowered, educated and knowledgeable channel partners. By investing in this facility, Altech Alcom Radio recognises the industrys growing need to ensure that all our partners are educated to adequately demonstrate the benefits of the respective solutions, in this case the Motorola product range, Nash adds. The installation of the demonstration room will not only accelerate more opportunities for Altech Alcom Radios channel partners and their customers to familiarise themselves with the Motorola equipment, but by enrolling in a Motorola-accredited course in the adjoining training centre, channel partners can themselves become certified product experts and thereby improve their knowledge in digital communications infrastructure and basic IP networking theory, Nash concludes. The facility comprises a training centre that will enable channel partners and customers of Altech Alcom Radio to achieve certification from Motorola in the design and deployment of Motorola systems. Additionally, the facility houses a leading-edge demo room that showcases the latest Motorola products on offer. In the demo room, users can test Motorolas two-way radios and the IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus and Link Capacity Plus digital mobile radio systems that include the latest high-end technical features.