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Altech judged Top ICT company in South Africa

Allied Technologies Limited, (Altech), a leading South African multi-billion Rand high-technology group involved in providing converging solutions for the Telecommunication, Multi-media and Information Technology (TMT) sectors, has been honoured by the Corporate Research Foundation and Computing SA as a joint winner of their Top ICT Companies in SA research survey.
The other joint winner was Hewlett Packard.
At an award evening at the Johannesburg Country Club, Altech was distinguished as being a truly adaptable company that had managed to survive, and indeed thrive, in a completely transformed Information and Communication Technology landscape.
In presenting the award, the Editor of Computing SA, Samantha Perry, said Altech had risen to the challenges of an utterly unpredictable market and had provided customers with superior and innovative services and support, verified expertise and strategies that were likely to have a major impact on the long-term future of such a capricious business sector.
Chief Executive Officer of Altech, Craig Venter, said he was proud and honoured that an independent panel of leading South African journalists, working within a stringent selection criteria, had nominated the Altech group as a joint winner of such a prestigious award.
“The Altech group is committed to excellence in all its operations and continues to relentlessly pursue its ambition to become a leader in every sphere in which it operates, while at the same time empowering and enriching all of its stakeholders,” said Venter.
“While Altech will always remain focused, it also has a restless drive, because of ever-changing technology, to almost renew itself on a continual basis. In order for Altech to remain an ICT leader in South Africa it is important that the group has to make the most of its opportunities and capitalise on its innovations, said Venter, “but that is what we do best.”
Altech is a member of the Altron group of companies. .
For additional information contact:
Ken Slade
Altech Media and Investor Relations Officer

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