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Press Release

Altech Withdraws Intervention | Altron. There When It Matters

Allied Technologies Limited (“Altech”) has withdrawn as an intervening party in the merger proceedings before the Competition Tribunal, in respect of MTN’s proposed acquisition of Verizon South Africa, which is to be heard by the Competition Tribunal on 08 January 2009. MTN has given a number of general undertakings in respect of the way in which it proposes to conduct the Verizon business. These undertakings have given Altech satisfactory comfort to address its competition law concerns.

For more informatio please contact:

Craig Venter: Chief Executive Officer, AltechTEL: (011) 715-9004FAX: (011) 715-9045CELL: 083 236 8000EMAIL: cventer@altech.co.za

Bradley ScopRoutledge Modise in association with EvershedsTEL: (011) 286-6900FAX: 086 646 7157CELL: 082 778 2931EMAIL: EsteFivaz@eversheds.co.za

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