The annual 702 Walk the Talk event, which sees thousands of entrants walking 5km, 8km or 15km to fundraise or raise awareness for a cause, takes place on Sunday 26 July 2015, and Altron TMT companies will once again be with participants every step of the way. Altech Netstar has been providing traffic information to Walk the Talk for the past five years, monitoring traffic information, highlighting traffic build-up and possible intersection impacts as well as providing post event analysis to identify where proactive traffic management can be implemented for future events. With 50 000 walkers taking to the streets in the Emmarentia, Johannesburg area, traffic management is vital. Altech Netstar Traffic will be monitoring traffic information from within the Joint Operation Centre (JOC) at the event and will publish all relevant alerts via the #WTT2015 hash tag, informing participants of relevant traffic information in and around the event. Participants can follow the Altech Netstar Traffic Twitter feed at @netstartraffic to receive up-to-date real-time traffic information for impacted routes. Altech Netstar Traffic has also implemented a proprietary system to monitor hotspots not normally covered by general traffic monitoring, specifically for events like this. This provides the facility to observe the entire route, providing valuable feedback to the JOC. Real-time information is also fed directly to the 702 Traffic Reporters for live radio broadcast to their listeners and participants.  The Altech Netstar helicopter will, as usual, keep watch over the route and participants. Mark Forbes, Business Manager Traffic at Altech Netstar elaborates: Since Altech Netstar Traffics involvement, traffic delays on Beyers Naude Drive have been reduced by 30% in the morning as contestants are arriving, and by more than 70% in the afternoon. This was all as a result of post event analysis, and proactive planning for the next event. We are proud to be a contributor to this event, and look forward to our involvement once again this year. Altech Netstar ground response teams will also provide additional peace of mind for participants by keeping a watchful eye over the vehicle parking areas. Pippa Rowles, PR Manager of Primedia Broadcasting Joburg, had this to say of Altech Netstars continued involvement: Altech Netstar are loyal supporters of the 702 Walk the Talk event, supplying the helicopters that allow us to literally take the event to new heights, as well as on-the-ground support that ensures our walkers and vehicles are safe. We appreciate their professional and reliable service.Altech Fleetcall has also come on board and will be assisting organisers by facilitating real-time communication through the provision of portable radios and the necessary communications network.